Guild members have taken part in several outreach projects. We’ve donated projects to Victoria General Hospital, Transition House, and the Cancer Clinic.

Ember and Guide workshops

Location TBD  

DATES:  2024

Time:  9:30 am – 12 noon

Guide and Scout Hall in Sidney 


Led by Diane Willis, bags are made for stitching supplies including threads, needles, hoops and fabric. These are donated to the Compassionate Resource Warehouse who ship them to areas of need around the world. To donate, contact Diane at 250-812-8780 or dmwillis819@gmail.com.

Wee Care

Led by Mary Anna McKay, a group of EGV members smock handmade gowns which are presented to parents of babies who die at birth or shortly after. If you’re interested in working on these gowns, contact Diana Caleb at 250-652-2117 or wintercott@gmail.com.