March 2014 Feather and Fly Stitches


Feather StitchFeather and Fly sample 02

A large family of stitches with many variations.

Single, double, triple, straight, slanted, interlaced.

They can be used for borders, outlines, fillings of shapes.

Try exaggerating the stitches and/or using different weights of threads


Feather Diagram v105Feather Diagram v2 06









Fly Stitch

Sometimes called tied stitch or the Y stitch. Can be used in borders and fillings.  Also they can represent plant forms

Fly Diagram 07  

To download a copy of instructions, click here: Feather and Fly stitch


fea-and-fly-01-web-editHere is some more inspiration for you. Margaret Preece has stitched several samples. In this one, the background is painted and the border is stitched in fly stitch using a shiny variegated Brazilian thread. The ferns and pink leaves are feather and the gold metallic flower stems and the green bar angled across the picture are closed single feather. All the flowers are fly stitch. See how different they look!  The greenery in the lower left of the picture is stitched in double feather stitch using a ribbon like thread.