November 2014 – Turkey and Velvet Stitch


Velvet Stitch, also known as Astrakhan Stitch, Berlin Plush Stitch, Rugh stitch, and Tassel Stitch.

Turkey Stitch – also known as Ghiordes knot, Quilt knot, single knotted Smyrna rug stitch, tufted knot stitch and turkey rug knot.

These stitches create a highly raised stitch and are interchangable. On the flowers in the example on the right, the petals are all large loops stitched with Brazilian threads and the centres are tufted wool that look like velvet. The deep pink flower petals were made with loops using yarn that have been cut to give quite a different effect. 




Turkey-Stitch-0002-1In this example the little yellow flowers are all done with floss with cut loops as is the grass below.