July 2014 Knot Stitch

The background fabric is cotton embellished with metallic acrylic paint. Double click on the image to see a larger version.


Here are the stitches used:knot-04-web-edit

Starting from the 9pm spot outside circle working clockwise:


Knotted chain stitch (just four of them)  
Coral knots (worked two ways – from top and bottom)  
Knotted Portuguese Stem Stitch  
Double Knotted stitch (also known as Palestrina)


Next circle in from 9pm position
Basque knots  
Pearl knots  
Coral knots
Palestrina knot and chain 
circle – double chain stitch anchored with a bullion, French knot in centre;  Palestrina knots


Inner circle from 9 pm spot: 
Bullion knots  
Pistil stitches
line of Colonial knots  
French knots  
Bullions with a Colonial knot under


Centre flower: 
Bullion knots with Colonial knots in the centre