Scottish Diaspora Tapestry

The Scottish Diaspora Tapestry is a project to involve communities around the world in the celebration of Scottish heritage and culture.

Scots have migrated to every corner of the globe and have often had a profound impact on the areas where they settled.  Now a new embroidery project will record the stories of 25 such . . . → Read More: Scottish Diaspora Tapestry

Stitching at Fibrations

A beautiful day to be outside stitching and meeting with people.

Mark Makers Exhibit

The show opened yesterday, Aug 11 and continues until Saturday, Aug. 17 at the Victoria College of Art on Bank St.  Artists are in attendance from 10am – 4pm and a closing reception will be held from 1-3pm on Aug 17. Come and have a look at the wonderful variety of fibre art which includes . . . → Read More: Mark Makers Exhibit

A River Runs Through It

Rapt Threads finished their last project. Each participant had several items that they had to include in the design. It could be no wider than 10" but any desired length. And here is the finished result.

. . . → Read More: A River Runs Through It

T’Was a Day to Dye for

A beautiful sunny warm day with a light breeze and good company. It doesn't get any better than this. The Rapt Threads group are beginning their next project with some immersion dyeing for an exploration of color and stitching.



. . . → Read More: T’Was a Day to Dye for

Winter Ornament Exchange

New Winter Ornament Exchange!

For those of you who like to decorate your home with hand stitched ornaments, we have an exciting opportunity for you to share your talents with your fellow EAC members and add to your own collection with a special piece that you will receive in return just in time . . . → Read More: Winter Ornament Exchange

Roses from the Heart

Christina Henri is Artist-in Residence at the Cascades Female Factory Site, South Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, 7004.  Her memorial work, Roses from the Heart, invites worldwide bonnet tributes for 25,566 female convicts transported to Australia between 1788 and 1853. About 23,000 bonnets have already been made. Her project has already toured the UK and Ireland and . . . → Read More: Roses from the Heart

Victoria Sewing Show

Here we are –  2 of our members preparing to demonstrate at our booth at the sewing show.

Finishing the Banner

Written  by Sharon MacDonald August – December 2011

We took a short break over the summer, then continued with assembling the 16 finished stitched tiles to the stabilizer and backing fabric. Putting together the four corner tiles was very challenging due to its odd shape. Once all the tiles were assembled they were given to . . . → Read More: Finishing the Banner

Banner History Update

Sept /Oct 2011 – We have completed the first year of transforming our design into a work of art. All the tiles have been completed and the inner section of the banner is getting its finishing stitches. Barbara Gilbert did a demo at the Sept meeting about insertion stitch that will be used to stitch . . . → Read More: Banner History Update