Scottish Diaspora Tapestry

Scottish Diaspora Tapestry, University Press, Scotland, 2015 Reviewed by Lorna Peers
We have all heard of this project and the wonderful panels involved. In fact, some of our members stitched panels for the project. I was delighted to see their names on the back cover! Originally the tapestry designers envisioned 150 panels but the project grew. Currently there are the 305 depicted in this book with the possibil-ity of yet more to come. The panels represent how far across the globe people of Scottish descent have migrat-ed. 34 countries contributed to the project which will be travelling the world in 2016 and 2017. I hope we will see it here.
Now to the book itself. It is organized by region then country. Each panel is beautifully photographed and nicely explained. The town where it was stitched and the individual embroiderers are all credited. Our Guild panels start on page 183. 

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