Finishing the Banner

Written  by Sharon MacDonald

August – December 2011

We took a short break over the summer, then continued with assembling the 16 finished stitched tiles to the stabilizer and backing fabric. Putting together the four corner tiles was very challenging due to its odd shape. Once all the tiles were assembled they were given to Jo Ann to join them together using the Italian insertion stitch.  

Meanwhile, work continued on the inner panel with the completion of the four lampposts. The next job was to complete the lettering. In December the inner panel went on a road trip with Sharon stitching through six western U.S. states.  The panel got to visit Las Vegas, Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon, Tucson, Yuma, Palm Springs, San Francisco and the Oregon Coast.

January – February 2012

We can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. We reviewed our plans and started several jobs to ensure the banner would be completed for Seminar 2012 in May.

Jo Ann completed stitching all the outer tiles together using the Italian insertion stitch. We can finally see the size of the finished banner. Barbara took some measurements so that she could start her plans for sewing the banner carrying case. We found some lovely cotton fabric with an embroidery motif.  Also, Barbara located a linen tablecloth that will be used as an inner case for the banner before it is put in the carrying case.

Building the Journal

Our goal when making the banner was to document who stitched and contributed to making the EGV banner. Each stitcher was given a small journal page to write their name, stitching technique, how long it took to stitch and her general comments. Also included was a picture of the stitcher, the inspiration drawings, sample of the threads and the final stitched piece.

The Banner Committee met at Diana’s house to work on the journal. We first worked on painting each page of the journal. Jo Ann and Barbara were in charge of mixing the colours. It was no small task to make each batch of colour the same. Over the next couple months we had many working bees with plastic on the floor and wet painted paper drying.

March 2012

All the journal pages have been painted and ready for the next steps. Over the next couple of  months we continued meeting at Diana’s house to work on the journal. JoAnn had experience making journals and suggested that we make a paper mock-up book to calculate how many pages we needed and the layout. Sharon took on the task of making the mock-up book. We then made a template to ensure the placement of the material was similar on each page. With the story book in hand, Barbara, Jo Ann, Diana and Sharon worked on cutting and gluing the pictures and documentation onto the journal pages. We finished the assembly of the journal by June. We spent 100 hours of painting and gluing to make the journal. Diana was then tasked to bind the journal and make a journal cover out of some suede look material that Jo Ann donated.

On March 8th the last stitch was done on the banner lettering.  Sharon retired the needle after 500 hours of stitching to complete the EGV name using a single silk thread, 1 over 1 on 32 count linen. The inner panel was then given to Diana to assemble the finished piece to the stabilizer and backing fabric.  The backing fabric has the names of all the stitchers who worked on the banner. Ruth Moffoot helped out by stitching the backing fabric. Once Diana was finished it was passed on to Jo Ann to attach the inner panel to the outer tiles using the Italian insertion stitch.

After spending 14 hours stitching JoAnn connected the inner and outer pieces. On April 14th the banner was completed!  Barbara then attached a couple of sleeves on the back to enable hanging of the banner.

May 2012

At the May 3rd EGV evening meeting the Banner Committee presented the finished banner to the membership. 

The Banner….

…and the case.

The next big unveiling was at Island Images Seminar 2012 which was held at the University of Victoria. The banner and the journal were on display in the Members Show.

And Here It Is!

Finished at last!!!





The following members contributed in making the new EGV banner.

Jo Ann Allan Deanna Bertelsen Marie Bourgeois Diana Caleb Janice Clarke Pat Davis Karen Dearborn Kathy Fimrite Barbara Gilbert Dorita Grant Elizabeth Hamilton Susan Harrington Elizabeth Henry Dona Hogan José Hope Lesley Kennes Barbara Lake Karen Lehman Johanna Lisakowski Sharon MacDonald Tricia McKenzie Margaret Merner Ruth Moffoot Sherry Ormsby Thelma Pardee Margaret Preece Toni Reimer Ann Rogers Sandra Rosson Domonique Sevin Lexa Shaw Shelsey Slipetz Val Spring Bee Vrskovy Lois Waters

A big thank you to everyone who contributed in making the EGV banner a piece of art and showcase of our multi-talented members.

Special thanks to Jo Ann Allan, Diana Caleb and Barbara Gilbert who worked endless hours with me on the Banner Committee. 

Banner stats

Started: May 2008       Completed: May 2012

Size 36 in. wide x 25 in. high

Banner planning: 70+ hours

Stitching time: 1481 hours             Journal making: 100 hours

Banner Value: priceless

Sharon MacDonald    Committee Chair

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