Banner History Update

Sept /Oct 2011 – We have completed the first year of transforming our design into a work of art. All the tiles have been completed and the inner section of the banner is getting its finishing stitches. Barbara Gilbert did a demo at the Sept meeting about insertion stitch that will be used to stitch the banner pieces together.

It was time to do some housekeeping to ensure that everyone who stitched on the tiles and inner section had completed and turned in their paperwork such as: the journal page, extra threads, design picture, etc. Ruth Moffat had been busy stitching the last few signatures on the back of the banner.

Nov 27, 2011 – The committee meets to review what has been done and what’s left to do. Barbara and Jo Ann had been busy constructing the tiles and joining them. We can say this stage was certainly a test to ensure the stitching tension was spot on!

The next big task is the construction of the journal.  Jo Ann brought a few samples of her hand made books to give the committee some ideas. By the end of the meeting we were in agreement on the size of the journal and general construction.

Jan 6, 2012 – our first meeting of the New Year –  JoAnn showed her 20 plus samples of different painting techniques that could be used on the journal paper. We spent a long time looking at each sample until we narrowed it down to a few colour and technique samples. We then planned what supplies we needed to do our painting workshop on January 20th. We had a look at the stitching Sharon was doing on the guild name and she needed to chart and make some minor additions. Barbara was tasked to get the last couple of signatures and head shots.

Jan 12, 2012 – Jo Ann finished joining all the tiles together with the Italian insertion stitch. Yeahh!!

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