History of the Banner by Sharon Mac Donald

December 13, 2007

It was a typical EGV executive meeting.   Sharon MacDonald, past president raised a suggestion of creating a new banner for our guild.  We all talked about it and agreed it was a good idea.   Sharon MacDonald was nominated to be the Banner Chair. 

May 2008

An article was placed in the Sampler newsletter for ‘Call for interest in an embroidered EGV banner’.  We were looking for volunteers to work on the committee in designing the new banner.

The purpose of the banner was to showcase our expert stitchers and to incorporate the various stitching techniques. Along with the physical banner, we wanted to create a journal that contained the archival material, a record of who stitched and worked on the banner as well as photographs of each stitcher with their work. We also wanted the embroiderers’  signatures on the back of the banner so that they could be stitched. We wanted a complete picture of what went into making of the new banner. We knew from the beginning that the creation of a new banner will be a long journey over several years.

January 04, 2009

The first meeting of the banner committee occurred at the White Spot on Douglas.  Sharon met with Jo Ann Allan to exchange ideas.  Jo Ann had with her a portfolio of all sorts of material. Some of the banner inspiration came from the “The Warwick Panel” which incorporated scenes on tiles. We thought that the new banner should depict ‘Victoria’ in tiles. In the middle of the banner it would show the inner harbour and around the outside,  a border depicting the different scenes and things that are unique to Victoria. Another sample Jo Ann had was an antique pattern of a cross-stitch German alphabet dated 1892. Sharon agreed to chart and create a sample for the next meeting. As we enjoyed our tea we discussed ideas for photographs to help with designing the banner. Sharon was tasked to take the photos and Jo Ann to start working on a mock version of the banner.

July 9, 2009

Two new members joined our committee– Barbara Gilbert and Diana Caleb. We went over the project and agreed to complete it by Seminar 2012. Sharon showed the group a graph paper sample and a stitched sample of the alphabet and several photographs of Victoria.  Jo Ann had the basic format and some sample sketches to show the group. Barbara and Jo Ann agreed to sketch out the tiles in more details and Diana would do the drawing of the Inner Harbor.  Sharon was tasked with the guild lettering.                 Diana, Jo Ann, Barbara, and Sharon

June 11, 2010

Sharon showed the final draft sample of the lettering to be used for the guilds name. The group agreed that the Inner Harbor panel would be done in blackwork and an overall colour scheme for the tiles.  We also discussed what techniques we were going to use for finishing. We targeted the November EGV meetings to make a presentation to the members.
















August 7, 2010

Barbara showed us her ideas on how to join all the tiles together and the inner panel.

October 2, 2010

Diana had finished her sketch of the Inner Harbor panel. We also had a look at all the tiles created by Jo Ann and Barbara to be used as the border around the Inner  Harbor scene.  Sharon had a sample of the lettering done on 32 ct linen using Gloriana Midnight blue silk thread with gold thread outline.  The committee discussed the timelines and how to include the guild members in making the banner. The first stage was to get the tiles ready for stitching. The linen was cut into the required tile sizes and then basted. We discussed what to include in the kits with the linen.








Oct 14, 2010

We focused on the presentation to the day and evening meetings and also created the packages (linen square, thread, instruction and zip bag) for the prep work to be handed out at the November meeting.

The unveiling!

November 3 2010  evening meeting

November 17 2010 day meeting.

The Banner Committee unveiled the banner to the membership. A short history of the banner was presented. A sign-up sheet was made available for those to help out with the pre work and tiles.



















January 21, 2011

Time to put the tile kits together.  Instructions, drawings, and thread color suggestions were included along with an original photo.

February 2011

At the evening meeting a draw for a cameo needle keep was held for those who assisted with the pre work. Another draw was held in June for those who stitched their tile on time. The prize was a Chinese tea set and table runner (made by Barbara Gilbert)

February 2011 meetings

Tile kits were handed out to those members who signed up to stitch. The stitchers were asked to complete their work by June 2, 2011. 

June 2011 meetings

All the tiles and Inner Harbor panel were on display for everyone to enjoy.

July 2011

Barbara had been working on putting stabilizer on each tile to get them ready for the insertion stitch that would join the tiles together. To help out, a stitching bee was organized to sew the tile front to the back fabric.

Some of the tiles ready to be joined together 




Stay tuned for updates!

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